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3 Fuel: The fuel of Victory

The commitment of 3 Fuel 2020 in supporting this exciting sport demonstrates its dedication to the world of motorsport and technological innovation. The partnership between 3 Fuel and the drifting team is a perfect blend of passion, energy and determination, continuously pushing the boundaries of on-road performance. Both the drivers and the company come together to promote excellence in the realm of drifting and to share their enthusiasm with fans worldwide. This partnership symbolizes a shared journey towards success, constantly pushing the limits of acceleration and excitement. Thanks to the synergy between the passion for motorsport and sustainability, 3 Fuel has a vision oriented towards a future where speed and competition merge with environmental responsibility.

Motorsport in the DNA

Motorsport embodies an unstoppable passion for speed, adrenaline, and technical excellence. The overwhelming emotions of the track, the roar of engines, and the unbridled competition make the hearts of enthusiasts race. Drivers and spectators share a profound bond, united by the thirst to challenge their limits and overcome insurmountable obstacles. Motorsport conveys values of resilience, fair play, and team spirit, as success depends not only on the individual skill of the driver but also on the synergy with the entire team. The passion for motorsport transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, bringing together people from every corner of the world.

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“Limits exist only

 in the mind.” 


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